“God gave all He had to have all of you so you could have all of Him.”


“When our eyes are opened to the reality of God’s goodness, we are moved to know Him, to follow Him, to give all of ourselves to Him."


"The heart of God is a heart so full of perfect love, bursting with dreams beyond your greatest imaginations. The meaning of your life is found by giving your whole self to Him.”

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Joseph and Jennifer have embarked on the greatest adventure of all - knowing Him and seeing others come to know Him - since they went on their first official date on October 2nd, 1992. Engaged in November of 1993 and married in December of 1994, they have lived their lives with this singular purpose. 

They have five off-the-charts children who make their parents leap up and down with joy. Joseph and Jennifer have watched the goodness of God lead them, and their children, forward into a life that would not be possible without Him.​​​​​​​

Their passionate pursuit of Christ moved them to serve in churches in whatever part of the country, or world, they were then residing. After years of serving together in the Body of Christ, they entered full-time ministry in 1999. In February of 2014 they founded Highway Church in Southeastern Massachusetts. 

They realize that it is the goodness of God that transforms lives. Having received the abundance of His grace and the gift of His righteousness, they desire to see others enjoy the realities of this abundant life that Christ came to give us.

They know that Jesus has ushered in a new day - a day when the salvation and free favors of God are profusely abounding. Relationship with Jesus is the answer for every issue that people are facing today. It is Joseph’s and Jennifer’s privilege to gladly proclaim the New Testament Gospel of Grace and to see men, women, and children set free, made whole, and filled with joy.